Venice beach and Santa Monica.

We’ve been hanging out at Venice beach and Santa Monica. We checked out some awsome skaters and for a second we admitted that skaters are really hot. And yes we did find a favorite;) He was all crazy, jumping like a maniack with his skateboard while looking really hot. We had some great lunch at a cute café and we also vad room for some B&J

This morning we kind of had a fight with some rude French people. The moved in to our room yesterday and they were rude since the first sec. They didn’t speek any English which prob made them appear more rude than they really where. Anyway they wanted us to switch room cause they wanted to sleep in the same room as some other friends. We were just like ‘no, that’s would be a hassle’ Anyway their friends decided to move in anyway but there were no beds and we did not wanted to switch room. We felt bad for the staff cause the French were just beeing so hard so after they offered us a regins for this night we decided to switch. We made some money;)


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