Last day in Milwaukee.


I spent the day at the state fair and it was very american. That’s all I really need to say, very american. But it was also a lot of fun. I thought most of it was really weird but people really live for this. They put out their pigs, sheep, cows what ever to become the state champion and if you would win it’s a really big thing. I also saw horse pulling which was what can I say very interesting. The pic above is from the horse pull. The place was packed! At the state fair they also had a lot of food and sweets. I ate a lot! I had a cream puff (which I prob wont eat again), roster bison sandwish etc. Overall it was a great day! We ended the day in the pool when it was pitch black (there is lights in the pool though so it looks really pretty) around 10pm we had burgers for dinner and ice cream for desert. Yum!

Tomorrow I’m off to LA!


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  1. linda

    Hoppas du har det mysigt! Puss

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