Both Cameron and Kaelan are so big! I haven’t seen them in two years so they are all grown up. Kaelan is not a little boy any more and he doesn’t want to hold hands like he used to love doing. But it’s great seeing them! The family love Milwaukee and I don’t think the boys miss Paris at all. Here they have à great house with a big piece of property and a really big pool. Everything you could ask for if really when you’re younger.

Today we’ve been haning by the pool all day and when it was time for lunch we walked to the custard shop for burgers, onion rings and fries. We ordered way to much but hey it’s america! Right now we’re chilling in the house, the boys are busy playing Xbox and I’m just relaxing in my room -the so called french room. I think Im going to lay by the pool maybe I’ll get the boys to join me. Talk soon!


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