Life in NYC is busy -busy but so much fun. I absolutely love it here (as always)! Im staying my my lovely friend Kara in SOHO and we’re having so much fun. Yesterday we were chilling in central park all day long and we brough some yummie picknick. I’ve been to a few museums all ready, MOMA (my favorit one), the Met (checked out the fashion and picasso exhibition and the modern art), Guggenheim (amazing architecture). Today it’s suppost to be rainy so I’m planning on chilling at Barnes and Nobel but we’ll see. I’m going to check out the sale at victoria’s secret though since it started yesterday. Tonight I think we’re going to be bar jumping in the village.

Next week we’re going to atlantic city to celebrate Kara’s b-day. And I’m going to Jamie’s place on the 26th. Peace!


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  1. Marielle

    Det låter underbart! Önskar att jag också varit där!

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