A lovely fall day.

I’ve had a great day in Malmö. I took the train pretty early and I met up with my sweet Yas for some amazing bunch. After the brunch (and 10pounds heavier) we went for a walk for some serious girl talk. Later we meet up with some fun people at a cool coffee place. We stayed there for a few hours and after that we all went for a bike ride. I was a great day and we all got a lot of fresh air! When we where tiered and cold we went back to Yas’ place and had some pizza and watched the Reader. It was a lovely fall day.






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3 responses to “A lovely fall day.

  1. Ronja

    Bästa Mysse 4-ever<3

  2. Ronja

    Mästa Mysse 4-ever!! ❤

  3. Yas

    Well that day were amazing so nice!

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