Rachel Zoe.


I admit that I always wanted to run with the fastest crowd. To me, the fastest crowd symbolized more experiences, more opportunities. Living it up, living with more wasn’t so much about materialism as it was about this fantasy life to be and do. I wanted to dance at studio 54. I wanted to travel to exotic places. I wanted to do the unimaginable. It was just a matter of “how do I get to that?” (…)

Since I was very little I always wanted more in life. Not more things, but just better. (…)
As soon as I was old enough to realize the things I wanted in life, I figured out how to get them myself. I never wanted for anything as a kid, and I’m grateful to my parents for that. But I never asked for anything either. I never wanted a rich guy who could pay my way through life. I dated guys like that. The notion of being a kept wife wasn’t for me. Success and happiness don’t come through shortcuts. I wanted to work hard and achieve my dreams myself. (…)


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