Back in Sweden.


So I left New York but I know that I’m going to be back soon so I’m not that heart broken. Besides I have a lot of exciting things to look forward to so I can’t complain. A couple of days ago I moved to Lund which is a city in the south that is very famous for its well respected university. It’s a very famous Scandinavian university that was founded in 1666 so it’s pretty old. The city is full of old fashion buildings which all are very beautiful so Lund is very idyllic. I’m renting a room in an enormous apartment in the middle of the city and my room is great! I couldn’t ask for anything else even though the rent is hideous. In a few days I’m about to become a student at Lund University and this semester I’m taking political science and human rights. Uhu!

As soon as I’ve unpacked all the boxes I promise to show you some pics.


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